Lakka Lomtible Beach Resort is situated along the peninsula few kilometer from the Emergency Surgical Hospital. Ninety percent of the most common occupation you can find in this community is fishing and tourism. Because of the inadequate employment facilities in the country and in this particular community, youth who are the most vulnerable  in our society discided to come together through the community in forming this community based organisation in helping them to be self reliance in the future to come. Few organisations have contributed immensely in helping this community to let our dream comes true. Today we are proud to inform the general public at home and aboard that there is one particular beach resort along the peninsula beaches that I can guarantee you that you can go and get the  best service we will ever dream of and that is the Lakka Lomtible Beach Resort. they have all to offer you such as:

a:  Boat excusions ( dolphin tour , Fishing trips to Banana island, Bounce island)

b: Campings with burn fire, culture dance and african store telling

c; Hikings to Moeco Hill, Guma water dam

d: special offers: Trip to the provinces like Tiwai Island,